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Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has offered superior home services for residents living throughout the entire Dallas, Texas metroplex. Our team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals handle rat infestations, as well as serve marching papers to a family of raccoons living in a Dallas, TX attic. We understand the implications of detecting the presence of wild animals not only inside your Dallas home but also anywhere on your property. We offer one service that other home services companies rarely offer.

We immediately respond to customer emergency calls 24 hours per day, seven days a week. While the competition sleeps or takes in a nighttime movie, our team of dedicated animal removal experts makes sure you receive the peace of mind that wild animals do not live in your Dallas, Texas home.

Where Do Wild Animals Hide?

Wild animals share one common characteristic: They prefer not to have contact with us. Some of the avoidance factors revolve around the fear of humans, but in many cases, wild animals do not want to jeopardize their hiding places. This begs the question: Where do wild animals hide? There is not a consistent answer to the question. For example, vegetable chewing rabbits rarely venture inside Dallas metroplex homes. The varmints like living in thick brush or bushes near easily to obtain food sources. On the other hand, once mice and rats enter a home, it takes plenty of hard work to rid your home of pests. Squirrels and raccoons like to nest in the attic, where warmth rises and it is difficult to notice the presence of the wild animals.

The key is to know where wild animals hide and after removing the nuisances, implementing strategies that ensure our team of animal removal specialists seals all entry points.

Damage Alert: Rats and Rodents are the Worst

The wild animals barely span the width of your hand, but rodents are the worst wild animals to have roaming around inside your Dallas, Texas home. Mice, rats, and squirrels possess limber bodies that fit through holes and cracks much smaller than their body frames. Once inside, your home turns into an Alamo like a siege.

Mice and rats possess teeth that never stop growing. To prevent rampant growth, the rodents must constantly gnaw on hard objects, such as plastic containers and wooden support beams. Squirrels like to chew stuff up as well, which means you have to contact our animal removal team to prevent damage to your home. Skunks and raccoons can also do a number on your home, but both wild animals use attics and basements for temporary shelters to ride out the winter or bring several kids into the world.

Humane Trapping in the Dallas Metroplex

The presence of wild animals inside your Dallas, Texas home does not mean you have to panic and try to kill the animals with poisons or by using violent tactics. In fact, poisons place you and your family at risk of suffering severe health consequences. Our answer to your wild animal problem is to lure wild animals into large enough cages where they can comfortably move around. We then transport our furry captives to the appropriate locations. We contact pet stores about taking in mice and rats, and we relocate squirrels and raccoons far away from your home. Raccoons can be especially bothersome to relocate, as the bandit looking creatures have the ability to retrace their steps and return to your home.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule an initial meeting that discusses all your animal removal options in Dallas, TX.

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Complete Wildlife Removal For Your Dallas, TX Business

Wildlife causes nothing but trouble when it invades businesses, putting your customers, your employees, and your reputation at risk. These year-round intruders cause issues for property owners throughout the year, and it's important to secure professional protection from a team of highly qualified experts if you hope to keep your business wildlife-free in the future. 

Here at Brinker Animal Removal, we have three decades of experience removing wildlife problems from businesses across Texas. Since 2015, our family-owned and operated company has been offering comprehensive wildlife removal and trapping services to businesses throughout the DFW metroplex. Our commercial wildlife control services provide dependable coverage to a broad range of local businesses, including restaurants, multi-family housing, warehouses, office spaces, retail shops, grocery stores, and many others.

Our team does whatever it takes to safely and effectively catch rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and other types of wildlife species inside businesses and commercial establishments. We’ll then take time to safely and securely release the animals far away from you. 

Got wildlife problems right now? Day or night, our 24-hour emergency line allows you to seek immediate relief from an infestation. Call our office to speak to one of our team members about the animal removal process, and we'll get started right away.

Preventing Wild Animals From Entering Your Dallas, TX Property

With all the problems and costly damage that wildlife problems bring, prevention should always be the priority. In many ways, the key to preventing wildlife from your property involves eliminating potential points of entry. Many wild animal species, such as rodents, can squeeze through tiny holes or cracks, allowing them to easily gain access to your structure if you’re unprotected. 

Brinker Animal Removal focuses on prevention, not just treatment, for every property we service. Our technicians will seal every hole and crack along the roof and around the foundation of your structure. Our next priority is to eliminate potential water sources by ventilating attics and basements, as well as fixing leaky pipes and clogged drains. We make sure to repair mortar and weatherstripping to deter animals from gaining access to other rooms in your home. 

Finally, we’ll work with you to make your property less appealing to wildlife. This includes finding ways to store food in sealed containers away from where animals can reach it, decluttering the home to eliminate potential pest harborage areas, and fixing potential problem areas that could arise in the future. All in all, Brinker not only eliminates wildlife problems today but also helps protect properties from infestations that could occur in the future. 

The most reliable way to handle a wildlife infestation is to reach out to the pros. If wildlife is becoming a problem around your Dallas property, the team at Brinker Animal Removal is here to help. Call us today for more information.

How Dangerous Are Opossums In My Dallas Yard?  

You can spot opossums in the Dallas area rather easily, with their slithering bodies and notable trait of carrying their young. While these wildlife critters might seem scary, they rarely attack humans. The biggest threat that opossums pose is to property when they become a nuisance and start rummaging through garbage and gardens.

At Brinker Animal Removal, we provide homeowners with complete wildlife removal services that are both ethical and effective. By adhering to Integrated Pest Management methods, we focus on removing your entire opossum problem through live traps and then move on to the exclusion process and education for preventing future issues. We will also restore any parts of your property that might have been damaged as a result of your infestation. To learn more about opossum protection, contact us today.

What Dallas Property Owners Need To Know About Rat Control 

Rats are one of the most prevalent pests for Dallas property owners, but there’s a lot that people don’t know about these pests. They are one of the most difficult problems to prevent because of their use of the sewer systems as well as their ability to climb roofs. Something as simple as having overhanging trees or hedges can easily lead a rat directly inside a property. They are also masters at slipping through small openings, which makes gaps around doors, crevices in foundations, and torn window screens very easy targets. Rats can also be an issue at, say, warehouses, where bays are left open and unattended for large periods of time. A situation like this can easily pave the way for a rat infestation.

These types of pests are often lured inside properties for one of several reasons that include a source of water, abundant food items, and shelter. Once they have found any combination of these things, rats will stick around for as long as they can. In the process of doing so, rats leave behind droppings and saliva that are linked with hantavirus, tularemia, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis, amongst other health risks. They are also capable of producing up to 60 pups a year, which means that infestations can quickly grow out of control. The most effective way to deal with rats is with professional assistance from Brinker Animal Removal. For more information on humane and effective rat control, contact us today.

Having A Cute Little Animal In Your Dallas Attic Is Fun, Right? 

Whether you’re aware of this fact or not, your Dallas attic is capable of becoming a hot zone for wildlife activity. So many wildlife pests, from birds and squirrels to bats and rodents, will look to make their home inside of your attic because it provides them with ideal conditions. While it might seem cute or harmless to have a critter hanging out up there, it can actually be very harmful to your health as well as your property. Many wildlife animals can cause severe damage to your property through the nesting process. This can mean ruined insulation, beams, wood, and even personal belongings that are being stored in the attic. In some instances, the sheer amount of droppings that pests like bats leave behind can cause your ceiling to collapse. Primarily through their fecal matter, wildlife is associated with the spread of dermatophilosis, rabies, hantavirus, tularemia, hydatid disease, E. coli, and many more.

At Brinker Animal Removal, we provide homeowners like yourself with humane and reliable solutions for complete animal removal. We also focus on protecting your home from future invasions through installing exclusion, restoring insulation, and fumigating impacted attics. To learn more about wildlife control, contact us today.

Here's A Quick Way To Keep Raccoons Away From Your Dallas Home

Raccoons are one of the most clever wildlife pests that you can expect to find loitering around your Dallas home. When that happens, don’t risk exposing yourself and everyone in your home to the threats they pose; simply call Brinker Animal Removal. Our sole focus is on providing reliable and humane solutions to animal removal and deterrence, nothing else. The raccoon services that we provide will always be customized to the specific nature of your property for maximum results.

To start, we deploy one of our expert technicians to your home in order to fully assess the raccoon situation at hand. We’ll discuss what you’ve seen and what your concerns are before making any recommendations for treatment. From there, we follow our three-step process. It begins with live trapping so that we can ethically contain your issue and release the wildlife back into their natural habitat. While every case is different, this may require consecutive services to ensure the effective containment of the raccoons on your property. Next, our technicians will thoroughly seal up any openings or crevices that they find in order to ensure raccoons and other wildlife never make their way inside your home. If needed, we can also provide you with an attic restoration if the issue made its way inside your home. For more information on raccoon removal, contact us today.


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