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You hear the word thrown about by every home services contractor operating in the Dallas, TX metroplex. What does it really mean? Does the number of years in business dictate whether a contractor has “experience?” If that is the case, then no other squirrel removal contractor in the region matches what Brinker Animal Removal brings to the table in terms of experience. We have provided superior home services for more than 35 years.

However, simply opening the business front door for several years does not qualify a home services company as being “experienced.” We like to think experience includes delivering on the promise to offer the best client service and performing the finest home improvement projects. Let’s see what one of our customers had to say about Brinker Animal Removal in Dallas.

“Great service.  Honest, transparent, and thorough.  Worked with our complex schedule and got rid of our squirrel problem quickly and quietly.”

Experience means exceeding client expectations, which is what we are all about.

Squirrel Damage to Your Dallas, TX Home

The bushy tailed animals appear harmless, as the scurry for cover in trees and bushes. Yet, squirrels can turn your attic or basement into a disaster zone. Razor sharp claws and teeth tear through magazines, newspapers, and clothing to help squirrels build spacious nests for the entire family. When the easy stuff runs out, squirrels have no problem chewing through wood and worse, the insulation that covers electrical wiring. Ask our team of Dallas, Texas animal control specialists what a pack of squirrels can do to the electrical wires that feed lights, appliances, and heating systems.

When a squirrel enters your home, you have to take immediate action to prevent incalculable damage. Our team of licensed and bonded squirrel removal experts answers client calls 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Do not let the playful nature of the bushy tail rodent fool you. Squirrels mean business when they invade Dallas, TX homes.

Whether you’re trying to remove squirrels in McKinney or in a central Dallas area like Highland Park, we have you taken care of.

How to Control Squirrels

Like other rodents, squirrels can enter holes and cracks smaller than the sizes of their body frames. This why the first priority for controlling squirrels involves sealing every hole and crack located along the roof and around the foundation of your home. You also have to make the attic and basement as uninviting to squirrels as possible. Remove all paper products and clothing to deprive squirrels of nest building materials. Store dry food in tightly sealed plastic containers that you place in shut pantries and cabinets. Ventilate the areas of your home where moisture collects, such as in the garage and basement. Pay special attention to leaky water pipes and clogged drains that pool water for squirrels to lap up. If you use firewood to warm your home in winter, store the firewood at least 20 feet away from the nearest entrance. Squirrels like to use firewood piles as staging areas for home invasions.

Humane Animal Trapping Methods

The animal trapping experts at Brinker Animal Removal do not use poisons to handle squirrel infestations. The family pet and your children are susceptible to the physical harm caused by rodent poisons. We prefer to implement safe animal trapping practices that return squirrels to their natural habitat. Large cages hold squirrels until we find a wooded area far from your home where the rodents can create new nests. Our safe animal trapping methods have received praise from many clients who faced squirrel infestations in greater Dallas, Texas.

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