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Leaves begin to fall to the ground and you notice a large nest at the top of one of the trees located in the backyard. What does the changing of the seasons mean for Wylie, TX homeowners?

It means squirrels need a new home to ride out winter.

Exposed squirrel nests leave the rodents vulnerable to predators, such as domesticated cats. Squirrels need to take shelter in attics and basements to prevent larger wild animals from gaining access. A family of squirrels that builds a nest in the attic or basement still spends considerable time outdoors searching for buried nuts, but when night arrives, squirrels perform a hasty retreat into their winter homes. Whenever you notice squirrels moving around your home, the time has come to contact the licensed and bonded home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

Squirrels Can Cause Considerable Damage

The furry tailed rodents do not appear to be a problem for Wylie, Texas homeowners. After all, how much damage can a playful family of squirrels really do to an attic or basement? The answer is more damage than your home can handle. Like other rodents, squirrels are capable of shredding clothing, newspapers, and magazines to build large nests located in the attic. After the soft materials vanish, squirrels turn their attention to hard objects like wooden support beams and thick wall insulation.

All the chewing and clawing make squirrels hungry. Instead of squeezing through the small hole, the rodents used to enter your home, squirrels prefer to search for food in the kitchen and basement. The rodents dive into open bags of dry food that includes the food you have bought for the family dog. Inevitably, squirrels leave the remnants of their meals in the form of fecal matter all over the kitchen floor. Coming in contact with rodent fecal matter can cause serious health consequences that include Salmonella and Lassa fever. Foodborne illness symptoms range from acute diarrhea to severe abdominal cramps.

Squirrel Proofing Your Wylie, Texas Home

Long before the leaves turn brown, you need to squirrel proof your Wylie, TX home. By working with Brinker Animal Removal, you ensure every hole and crack is sealed for winter. Squirrels possess limber joints, which allow the rodents to squeeze through openings that are smaller than their body frames. We also recommend replacing damaged mortar and weather stripping to make your home squirrel proof. The next step for squirrel proofing involves storing dry food in airtight plastic containers that you place high above the floor inside tightly closed pantries and cabinets. You should also remove fruits and vegetables from the dining room table and store the produce inside the refrigerator. As for squirrel water sources, fix leaky pipes and clear our debris surrounding drains. You should also relocate a firewood pile and prune heavy vegetation to deter squirrels from finding an area to hide and stage a home invasion.

We Use Humane Squirrel Trapping Methods

Brinker Animal Removal uses humane trapping practices to ensure a family of squirrels returns to the wild with full health intact. We typically place food bait at the entrance of large cages to lure squirrels inside. Our policy not to use poisoned bait makes us a popular choice for Wylie, Texas homeowners that place an emphasis on following humane trapping methods. After catching squirrels, we transport the rodents far away to a wooded area that offer the perfect home for finding both food and water.

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