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The annoying sounds in a crawl space inside of your home at night only make you roll over in bed. After a few days, the disturbing noises turn into the pattering of several tiny feet scurrying between the attic and other rooms inside of your home. What started as an eye rubbing exercise in sleep deprivation in the morning has morphed into a full-scale attack on your home.
You have uninvited furry guests that have moved into your home.

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has delivered the highest-rated animal removal services in Denton County. From extracting slithering vermin to sharp-clawed rodents, you can count on our team of experienced home services professionals to rid your home of wildlife.

Why We Excel In Removing Animals From Your Home

When you hire Brinker Animal Removal to handle your wild animal problem, you have chosen a highly rated company that sends into the field licensed and bonded animal removal specialists. Credentialed professionals ensure you work with a company that employs experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand how to deal with a wide variety of wild animal species. The measures taken to extract a family of rats from your home differ from the maneuvers used to transport an eight-point buck back to its natural habitat.

Brinker Animal Removal offers a comprehensive list of services you will not find offered by our competitors operating in and around The Colony, TX. Many of the home services companies in the area provide what we call basic animal removal services, which do not include home repair and wild animal removal packages. Brinker Animal Removal not only eliminates your furry pest problem, we also make sure the animals never enter your home again. From blocking open spaces near the roof to plugging small gaps in pet doors, we do whatever it takes to prevent the wild animals native to central, Texas from turning your home into the four-legged version of the Alamo.

Dead Animal Removal Experts In The Colony, Texas

Most live wild animals pose safety threats to homeowners in The Colony, TX. For example, raccoons possess razor-sharp claws that cause serious injuries. Possums leave deep bite marks and worse, the vermin can spread rabies into the circulatory system of a loved one. Once a wild animal dies, the health risks do not go with the soul of the departed critter. Decaying animal carcasses are fertile areas for harmful bacteria to grow. Even the remnants of a rat or mouse can deteriorate into a dead body that releases dangerous microorganisms inside of your home.

Unlike many of our competitors, Brinker Animal Removal deploys a team of home services experts to remove dead wild animals from the homes in The Colony, Texas. We safely store dead animals in impervious containers that prevent the release of disease-causing microorganisms. Moreover, Brinker Animal Removal cleans and sanitizes the areas where we find dead wild animals to prevent the spread of infectious germs.

Brinker Animal Removal Gets The Job Done Under Budget

When you consider hiring an animal service company to eliminate the presence of wild animals inside of your The Colony, TX home, you want more than a team of animal removal experts to get the job done right. You also want a company that pays close attention to your home improvement budget constraints.

When you turn to Brinker Animal Removal, you turn to a team of wild animal removal specialists who itemize a home improvement budget, but more importantly, remain within the budget to complete the animal removal job. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to determine how we can help you sleep in peace.


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