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The list of suspects is long. Is it a belfry of bats or a family of possums wreaking havoc in your attic? The experienced animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal have the answer to your question, but more importantly, we offer the solutions to prevent wild animals from entering the homes of Lewisville, Texas residents.

Wildlife such as bats, birds, rabbits, and possums search for shelter when food sources become scarce and when Mother Nature ushers in colder weather. Failure to prevent wild animal intrusions into your home presents health concerns, from enduring serious injuries to dealing with bacterial infections. Brinker Animal Removal takes pride in providing Denton County pest control to customers affordable and highly effective animal removal solutions to that start with preventing skunks, squirrels, and raccoons from entering your home.

Tips For Keeping Wildlife Out

When you hire Brinker Animal Removal to take care of removing wildlife from your home, you can expect our first order of business to involve a detailed inspection of the property. We thoroughly analyze your home to discover potential entry points for animals of all sizes. From decaying wood to shingles flapping in the wind, our main priority is to prevent wild animals from gaining access to the attic and basement. Our team of animal extraction experts searches for loose screens and damaged siding to ensure you enjoy 100% protection against wildlife infestations. After we search for possible entry points into your home, we conduct a review of your lawn and garden, with a focus on trees that offer outdoor housing for birds and squirrels.

For the flu, doctors say prevention is 99% of the cure. For the removal of animal nuisances in Lewisville, Texas, we place the prevention percentage at 100%

Brinker Animal Removal Makes The Difference In Lewisville, Texas

What do you look for in a home services company that specializes in wild animal removal? Brinker Animal Removal offers human trapping techniques to ensure wildlife returns to natural habitats. For example, we trap squirrels and rabbits inside sterile metal cages and then release the animals into the wild far away from your home. The same principle applies to raccoons, with our operating principle to take captured raccoons several miles away. Raccoons possess the sixth sense of finding their way back to space in your attic they call their winter homes.

Some animal removal companies set limits on the size of the wild animals they capture and release into the wild. Brinker Animal Removal does not set any animal size restrictions. We tackle animal removal jobs from tiny mice to fully grown mares. Our affordable animal removal solutions save you money by ensuring the prevention of repeat wild animal visits into the homes owned by Lewisville, Texas residents.

Licensed And Bonded Animal Removal Specialists

When the time comes to take action against the invasion of wild animals into your home, make sure you consider only companies that employ licensed and bonded animal removal experts. Professional certifications give you the peace of mind to sign on the dotted line for animal removal services in Lewisville, TX. We encourage homeowners to read a proposed home services contract to avoid the legal hassles tucked into the fine print. Moreover, consider joining online sites such as Angie’s List to receive customer reviews for the animal removal companies operating in the Dallas metroplex.

When you hire Brinker Animal Removal to take care of your animal extraction needs, you have partnered with a home services company that has conducted business in Lewisville, TX for nearly 30 years. Contact us today to address the problems caused by the intrusion of wild animals into your home.


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