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The list of suspects is long. Is it a belfry of bats or a family of possums wreaking havoc in your attic? The experienced animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal have the answer to your question, but more importantly, we offer the solutions to prevent wild animals from entering the homes of Lewisville, Texas residents.

Wildlife such as bats, birds, rabbits, and possums search for shelter when food sources become scarce and when Mother Nature ushers in colder weather. Failure to prevent wild animal intrusions into your home presents health concerns, from enduring serious injuries to dealing with bacterial infections. Brinker Animal Removal takes pride in providing Denton County pest control to customers affordable and highly effective animal removal solutions to that start with preventing skunks, squirrels, and raccoons from entering your home.

Tips For Keeping Wildlife Out

When you hire Brinker Animal Removal to take care of removing wildlife from your home, you can expect our first order of business to involve a detailed inspection of the property. We thoroughly analyze your home to discover potential entry points for animals of all sizes. From decaying wood to shingles flapping in the wind, our main priority is to prevent wild animals from gaining access to the attic and basement. Our team of animal extraction experts searches for loose screens and damaged siding to ensure you enjoy 100% protection against wildlife infestations. After we search for possible entry points into your home, we conduct a review of your lawn and garden, with a focus on trees that offer outdoor housing for birds and squirrels.

For the flu, doctors say prevention is 99% of the cure. For the removal of animal nuisances in Lewisville, Texas, we place the prevention percentage at 100%

Brinker Animal Removal Makes The Difference In Lewisville, Texas

What do you look for in a home services company that specializes in wild animal removal? Brinker Animal Removal offers human trapping techniques to ensure wildlife returns to natural habitats. For example, we trap squirrels and rabbits inside sterile metal cages and then release the animals into the wild far away from your home. The same principle applies to raccoons, with our operating principle to take captured raccoons several miles away. Raccoons possess the sixth sense of finding their way back to space in your attic they call their winter homes.

Some animal removal companies set limits on the size of the wild animals they capture and release into the wild. Brinker Animal Removal does not set any animal size restrictions. We tackle animal removal jobs from tiny mice to fully grown mares. Our affordable animal removal solutions save you money by ensuring the prevention of repeat wild animal visits into the homes owned by Lewisville, Texas residents.

Licensed And Bonded Animal Removal Specialists

When the time comes to take action against the invasion of wild animals into your home, make sure you consider only companies that employ licensed and bonded animal removal experts. Professional certifications give you the peace of mind to sign on the dotted line for animal removal services in Lewisville, TX. We encourage homeowners to read a proposed home services contract to avoid the legal hassles tucked into the fine print. Moreover, consider joining online sites such as Angie’s List to receive customer reviews for the animal removal companies operating in the Dallas metroplex.

When you hire Brinker Animal Removal to take care of your animal extraction needs, you have partnered with a home services company that has conducted business in Lewisville, TX for nearly 30 years. Contact us today to address the problems caused by the intrusion of wild animals into your home.

Why Bats Hang Around Lewisville Properties

There’s nothing like that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you discover bats lurking around your Lewisville property. These flying mammals enjoy the same cozy and comfortable amenities and accommodations that you and your family relish. Your home provides them with safety, shelter, and plenty of food and water. Bats devour mosquitoes by the thousands, so if you’re seeing scourges of these biting insects around your property, don’t be surprised to experience an increase in bat activity.

However, you don’t have to sit idly by watching these pests take over your property. For the best way to control bats in Lewisville, count on Brinker Animal Removal to remove unwanted nuisance wildlife before becoming a major problem. Bats can create many headaches for property owners, such as:

  • Bat droppings can expose you to an infection called histoplasmosis, which occurs by inhaling the spores of a fungus that their excrement produces.
  • Bats can carry and transmit rabies, an aggressive and hazardous virus that affects the central nervous system and can be fatal if appropriate treatment isn’t given. 
  • Bat waste can accumulate and damage structures, producing corrosive and decaying effects or causing ceilings to cave in.

Reach out to Brinker Animal Removal immediately and request a courtesy inspection if you encounter bats on your property. Our team uses a three-step process to permanently remove animals from your home or business.

Are There Dangerous Snakes In Lewisville?

One of the most feared creatures, second to spiders, is snakes. Not so good news for those with a phobia since Lewisville has our fair share of these reptiles. Of the multitude of serpents slithering through our great state of Texas, some are venomous and should be avoided at all costs. This includes species such as the rattlesnake, the coral snake, the copperhead, and the cottonmouth.

As the population expands into untouched and undeveloped areas, the probability of venomous snake encounters increases. To reduce your chances of getting bitten:

  • Keep your outdoor trash, wood, and brush piles as far from your property as possible.
  • Never stick your arm or leg into any object for which you can’t see the bottom.
  • Seal up any small openings or holes that you come across in your garage, crawl space, or basement.
  • When moving about at night, use a flashlight.

For the ultimate protection against snakes, contact Brinker Animal Removal for the most professional and effective wildlife removal in Lewisville.

Lewisville’s Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

Rats seem to always be on a relentless pursuit of ensuring their basic needs are met. The unfortunate part is when they invade your home or business in Lewisville. Rats can squeeze through the tiniest hole or opening to gain entry. They’re also expert climbers and can quickly scale almost any tough vertical surface, like concrete, brick, and wood. And with a tremendous balancing ability, these rodents can run at warp speed along ropes, pipes, and electrical cables without falling.

It’s essential to remove the attractants that lead to rat infestations. You can do that by eliminating food sources in the following ways:

  • Thoroughly wipe down eating areas after every meal.
  • Ensure all garbage cans have tight-fitting lids that cannot be knocked off by wildlife.
  • Restrict eating to one location.
  • Clean up beverage spills as soon as they occur.
  • Wash out the inside of trash cans to remove sticky and stuck-on residue.

Also, refrain from feeding birds outside until you get your rat infestation under control. If you do compost, rotate your pile to ensure that newly added food scraps are wholly covered. Although these preventative measures will help reduce rat sightings, nothing beats the protection against these pests better than professional rodent control services.

Give Brinker Animal Removal a call if you catch a glimpse of these rodents on your property. We offer the most effective solutions to eliminate different types of rats and reestablish a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Are Raccoons Really A Problem For Lewisville Homeowners?

Raccoons are no strangers to living life in Lewisville. However, the trouble begins when they trespass onto the properties of our residents, searching for scraps from last night’s supper. Although some may consider these animals adorable with that all too familiar black mask-like pattern on their faces, these nuisance pests can cause damage to your property in a variety of ways. They can tear through your vents, soffits, and roofing while attempting to access your home. Their feces and urine pose a severe health hazard as these animals can carry dangerous pathogens resulting in illnesses like rabies.

Therefore, trust the team from Brinker Animal Removal to provide exceptional raccoon prevention and control services. We use various methods to remove this wildlife species safely and quickly from your premises so you can return to safe and healthy conditions. Contact us today!


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