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Central Texas bustles with a wide variety of wildlife. Unfortunately, many species like to take shelter in Grapevine, TX homes. The reasons for the intrusions vary, from animals seeking refuge because of cold weather to hungry scavengers looking for a midnight meal. Some animal species find attics to be the ideal location to batten down the hatches until a mother comes to term with a pregnancy.

Whatever the reason one or more wildlife species have a forwarding address at your home, you should rely on the experienced team of animal removal specialists in Tarrant County at Brinker Animal Removal to take back the attic, basement, and/or garage.

How to Hire the Right Animal Removal Company

Safety and reliability represent two of the main reasons to hire a contractor to rid your home of varmints. However, what do you need to consider before making a hiring decision? Some home services companies offer a full line of animal removal services, while other companies provide only basic plans that fail to prevent entries and do not make home repairs. You must decide on what exactly are your home needs for removing unwelcome furry guests.

The strategies used to remove animals also should play a role in choosing the right company. At Brinker Animal Removal, we implement humane trapping methods that release captured animals into their natural habitats. Humane trapping practices eliminate the use of poisons that can harm your family. The only time we use lethal animal extraction methods is when wild animals threaten our customers. You also have to determine whether any company you consider performs the removal of large animals, such as foxes and deer. Larger animals like to take up residence during the winter in barns and large garages.

Dead or Alive: Grapevine, Texas Animal Removal

Another consideration for Grapevine, Texas homeowners in choosing the right home services company is whether the company removes dead or alive animals. Your best bet is to find an animal removal service that handles both types of jobs. You pay a little more for a company that offers both types of animal removal services, but the peace of mind you enjoy is more than worth the cost of extracting dead and alive wildlife. Live wild animals can cause serious injuries and dead animals can spread diseases and illnesses.

Any home services company you hire to remove wildlife must be bonded and licensed. You should also check the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, as well as customer reviews left on websites like Yelp and Google.

Using a Catchpole

Sometimes, we work with Grapevine, TX homeowners who capture and remove small animals from their homes, while leaving the bigger jobs to Brinker Animal Removal. For do it yourselfers, we strongly encourage the use of a catchpole. A catchpole is a long stick that has a noose tightly secured on one of the ends. You slowly maneuver the loop over an animal’s head and then close the noose to tighten your grip. Make sure you quickly remove the animal and the noose around its neck. We work with slightly altered catchpoles to maneuver the loop around snakes. With snakes posing a huge problem for Texas homeowners, especially after major storms such as Hurricane Harvey, we strongly recommend contacting the animal removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal.

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has offered highly rated animal removal solutions for Grapevine, TX homeowners. Check out our online customer reviews to see why we are the go team of professionals in the Dallas metroplex. Brinker Animal Removal customers praise our commitment to delivering friendly and efficient animal removal services.
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