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You’re outdoors enjoying a relaxing day getting the lawn ready for winter. Whether you’re thatching, pulling weeds, or showing off another green thumb skill, you don’t notice the furry head sticking out of a crevice on the side of your roof.

Say hello to the one of the biggest animal nuisances of them all: the feisty raccoon.

Whenever you see the animal that looks like a bandit from the Wild West, you should contact the licensed and bonded home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. Our team of certified raccoon removal experts has received the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Your math teachers might not have awarded an A+ to anyone in high school, but the BBB bestowed the rating to Brinker Animal Removal. The reasons we rate as high as a company can get on the BBB website is our long time commitment to offering first class home services and implementing transparent business practices.

When the time comes to remove an unpredictable raccoon, you need to call the company in Plano, Texas known for offering fast and humane raccoon removal services.

Brinker Animal Removal: Experts that Know Raccoon Behavior

Unlike rodents, raccoons require a large opening to gain entrance into your home. With strong claws, raccoons can climb trees, tall fences, and the side of wooden homes. If a raccoon had its way, it would remain outdoors throughout the year. However, pregnant raccoons need to find secure shelters to deliver litters. The goal for mama raccoon is to nourish her babies until they grow large enough to handle whatever is thrown at them outdoors. Once raccoon babies reach maturity, the mother spends a little time teaching them the ropes. Adolescent raccoons learn how to gather food and discover ideal locations to sleep during the day.

Mother raccoons are highly protective of their offspring, which makes them dangerous for anyone who interacts with a mother raccoon. Most raccoons prefer the solitary lifestyle, although if food runs low, raccoons are known to venture out of a safe crawl space to search for food. Unlike mice and rats, raccoons look for temporary housing. By the end of spring, mama and her kids leave and return to their natural habitats.

Raccoon Prevention Tips for Plano, Texas Homeowners

Why deal with the hassle and potential health risks involved in removing raccoons, when prevention is 100% of the cure. Long before leaves begin falling in autumn, Plano, TX homeowners should thoroughly examine the roof in search of openings large enough for raccoons to enter. Until Brinker Animal Removal responds to your request for help, you should place a heavy object at the entrance of a large opening to prevent a raccoon invasion. We recommend placing heavy objects on garbage containers to prevent raccoons from getting to your leftovers. Raccoons return to homes that offer easy access to trash cans and dumpsters.

You should also cut down any tree branches that hang over your home to prevent raccoons from climbing a tree to reach the roof.

Brinker Animal Removal Uses Humane Trapping Methods

When our home services professionals respond to a raccoon removal call, we try to keep the mother and kids together. This might mean taking the raccoon family to a rescue shelter until mom and the kids are ready to return to the great outdoors. To trap a raccoon going solo in your home, we use a humane trapping method to ensure we return the raccoon to a thick wooded area. We drive several miles away from your home to a rural location to release raccoons. The bandit looking animals have the uncanny ability to find their back to where they lived in Plano, Texas homes.

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