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Squirrel Removal Relief For Mckinney, Texas Homeowners

Not many McKinney, TX homeowners know this, but squirrels are part of the rodent family. Why does it matter that squirrels are rodents?

It matters because like rats and mice, squirrels possess teeth that never stop growing. Even when a squirrel reaches full adult maturity, the teeth continue to grow incisors on the top and bottom sections of the jaw. To prevent teeth from growing too long, squirrels must constantly gnaw on objects to ensure the correct length. Rodents such as squirrels cause devastating damage to homes because of the constant gnawing on walls, insulation, support beams, and electrical wires.

Squirrels look harmless scurrying around the backyard, but the reality is once one or more squirrels enters your McKinney, Texas home, you need to call the licensed and bonded team of squirrel removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. Since 1981, we have delivered highly rated home services in the Dallas metroplex that include removing squirrels from McKinney, TX homes.

The Search For Food

Shortly after building a nest to provide a safe and warm place for the family to shack up during winter, a mother squirrel immediately begins the search for food. Squirrels bury food sources outdoors and that is where a mother squirrel starts the quest to provide nourishment for the family. However, the combination of bad weather and the lack of new food sources mean a squirrel must discover food sources within a McKinney, Texas home.

Indoor food sources typically include bags and boxes of dried food. Squirrels use their razor-sharp incisors to chew through food bags and boxes quickly. The most effective way to deter squirrels from dining al fresco in your kitchen involves storing dry food properly. We recommend storing dry food in thick plastic containers that you place high above the floor in a tightly closed cabinet and/ or pantry. Another squirrel prevention tip is to ensure a pet bowl remains sparkling clean. Any leftovers from Fido’s meal encourage rodents such as squirrels to lick the pet food bowl clean. However, if you already have squirrels, we’ll ensure they are gone and never come back.

When Water Sources Dry Up In McKinney, TX

Squirrels do not seek indoor shelter until the leaves begin falling to reveal carefully constructed nests. The transition from autumn to winter ushers in colder, drier air that depletes water sources for the limber rodents. Ponds freeze, if only temporarily because of the temperate central Texas climate. The ground dries up, leaving squirrels to search for alternative sources of water.

Many McKinney, TX homes offer abundant sources of water for squirrels. Leaky pipes drip enough water to form small pools of water in the basement. Squirrels also lap up the water collecting around a clogged drain. Of course, the easiest way for a squirrel to enjoy a nice drink of water is to dive into a pet water bowl. Although squirrels live a primarily reclusive lifestyle, the rodents are not shy when it comes to searching for indoor water sources.

Thoroughly Devised Plan For Squirrel Removal

When one or more squirrels relocate for the winter inside your McKinney, Texas home, you want an experienced team of squirrel removal experts to complete the project successfully. We schedule an initial meeting with clients to learn about a squirrel infestation, such as finding out what part of your home a family of squirrels lives in. Our team of accomplished animal removal specialists then spends a few days devising the strategy we feel is best for removing squirrels from your home. We present our comprehensive plan that includes the cost of performing the squirrel removal project. Not only do we trap the squirrel, but we also ensure the entrance points are closed for a good while also performing our restoration, remediation, and decontamination efforts. If you need us to remove another animal from your McKinney home, we are experienced in removing several types of wildlife.

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