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When you discover a family of raccoons in the attic, the time has come to contact the most frequently recommended contractor in Frisco, TX: Brinker Animal Removal.

It’s the Pregnant Ones You Have to Worry About

Raccoons prefer to remain in their natural habitats. However, pregnant raccoons have little choice but to protect their babies within the safety and comfort of an easy to access attic or basement. Female raccoons go through two-month pregnancy cycles, before giving birth to a litter of four to six youngsters. Because the babies are blind and completely helpless, mother raccoons spend most of their time feeding and protecting the offspring. It takes between four and six weeks for infant raccoons to stand, without the help of a mama raccoon.

The length of time young raccoons stay with their mothers mostly depends on the time of year they are born. A mother raccoon who seeks shelter to deliver a litter of raccoons during winter might keep the family together for up to five months. If a mother raccoon delivers a litter when it is warm outside, she will develop her kids and then immediately leave a home when the kids are ready to make it on their own. Weaning takes about 12 weeks and after that, it’s all about learning how to search for food.

How Raccoons Enter Frisco, TX Homes

Raccoons are not necessarily sneaky animals. The bandit-looking wild animals roam the streets at night. The nocturnal lifestyle means raccoons enter Frisco, Texas homes while most people sleep the night away. A quiet home can turn into a home full of scratching, clawing, and inevitably, the cries of infant raccoons. Raccoons have sharp claws, which gives the animals plenty of stability when climbing tree trunks and tree branches. They look for tree branches hanging over homes to use as platforms for landing on a roof. After successfully landing on a roof, raccoons search for holes and crevices that lead into attics. Raccoons also enter homes through foundation cracks that form on the outside of a basement wall. However, an attic offer more comfort for the kids and better protection against predators.

Humane Raccoon Removal Services

Brinker Animal Removal implements humane trapping and release strategies for raccoons. Only when we perceive an immediate threat from one or more raccoons do we consider euthanizing the wild animals. Our humane methods for removing raccoons include finding shelter for a soon to be mother, as well as a family of raccoons comprised of infants unable to fend for themselves. For kids old enough to make it on their own, we use large cages to transport raccoons to a rural destination many miles from Frisco, Texas homes. Raccoons possess the incredible ability to return to the same house they called home for a few months.

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