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Birds represent a vital part of our ecosystem. As predators, birds reduce the insect population and larger birds take care of attic and basement destroying rodents. Some bird species contribute to outdoor recreational activities, especially bird watching and waterfowl hunting. However, some species of birds create several problems for Dallas, TX homeowners. If a family of birds invades the attic or basement, the time has come to contact the licensed and bonded team of contractors at Brinker Animal Removal.

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has offered a wide variety of home services for clients living in Dallas suburbs such as Allen, Grapevine, McKinney, and Rowlett, Texas. Our contractors quickly respond to bird removal calls, as well as efficiently catch and relocate birds back to their natural habitats. Humane trapping methods make us the most popular critter control company in central Texas. We ensure the safety of every bird we catch and we take sick or injured birds to local animal hospitals.

Birds Can Cause Considerable Damage

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Birds are capable of causing immense damage to the attic, garage, and basement. Although not as destructive as rodents, birds still need to build nests to protect the family from winter’s chill. Birds use powerful peaks to shred soft materials like newspapers and chip away at wooden walls and electrical wire insulation. Although birds typically spend just a couple of months indoors to ride out bad weather, the feathered critters can cost you several hundred dollars in damage repairs.

The most damage birds cause involves the droppings left behind in attics and basements. Bird droppings contain a wide variety of diseases that can send you to the hospital for the treatment of acute diarrhea and agonizingly painful stomach cramps. Birds usually do not seek food indoors unless the weather conditions outside are bad enough to eliminate most food sources. Yet, any food brought indoors leads to bird droppings that an expert team of animal removal experts must eliminate, and then decontaminate the areas where the droppings were discovered.

Bird Proofing Your Dallas, TX Home

Many of the bird proofing methods we use are similar to the methods we use to prevent wild animal infestations. We seal every hole and crack we find along the roofline and around the foundation of your Dallas, TX home. Our team of GAF certified animal removal contractors also repairs damaged mortar and loose weather stripping. Birds love to enter homes through ripped screens, which means replacing ripped screens long before late autumn. Although birds do not search for food indoors, any water source is fair game since many water sources outdoors freeze and dry up temporarily. We recommend Dallas, Texas homeowners fix leaky pipes and clear clogged drains to deprive birds of easy to access water sources.

Humane Bird Removal

The temptation to simply shoot birds is not the answer for a couple of reasons. First, you might violate one or more state and municipal laws. Second, Brinker Animal Removal has mastered catching birds humanely to limit pain and suffering. You might clip a bird with ammo, but how long does the bird suffer? We prefer to use large cages that entice birds by placing food and water inside. Hungry and thirsty birds will enter large cages for food and water. Our methods include encouraging birds to fly out of attic and basement windows and then making sure we implement the bird proofing steps needed to prevent future invasions.

If your bird problem has gotten out of hand, Brinker Animal Removal offers emergency critter control services 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Contact us to schedule a free inspection for your Dallas, TX home.



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