Skunk Identification

What are skunks?

Skunks are unique mammals best known for the foul liquid they spray as a means of defense and their striking appearance. People identify these nocturnal animals by their white and black color pattern and fluffy tail. Unfortunately, skunks are a common wildlife problem on both rural and urban properties. These critters have learned the benefits of living near people as our homes and yards provide them with easy access to food and shelter.

a skunk on a porch in plano texas

Are skunks dangerous?

Skunks are a major carrier of rabies, and having them living on your property poses significant health threats to you, your family, and pets. They also spread other diseases like tularemia and leptospirosis.

The foul-smelling liquid skunks spray is potent, and the smell is difficult to remove from skin, clothing, and pet fur. If the spray hits the eyes, it may even cause temporary blindness.

Skunks love to eat chicken eggs, but they will also eat young chickens as well.

Other problems skunks cause:

  • They dig up lawns, as they search for insects to feed on.
  • They destroy gardens by feeding on their bounty.
  • They cause structural damage as they dig under decks, foundations, and concrete slabs.

Why do I have a skunk problem?

Skunks are omnivores and feed on a variety of the same foods we do, which is why they often invade our properties. Things that attract skunks to our outdoor spaces include:

  • Chicken coops
  • Gardens
  • Trash cans and compost areas
  • Pet food
  • Lawns with a lot of insect activity

Where will I find skunks?

Properties located near wooded areas, fields, pastures, or meadows tend to have the biggest problems with skunks. These animals like to live near water sources along the forest edge, in grassy fields, and areas of dense vegetation.

Outside, skunks burrow in the abandoned nests of other small animals, fallen trees, culverts, and under dense piles of brush. If you have any nesting spots on your property, skunks will take advantage of them.

Skunks also like to burrow under foundations, sheds, decks, and other structures, causing damage in the process. Having skunks living near your home is never ideal and only increases your chances of getting sprayed.

If you have a skunk on your property, you will most likely see them out foraging for food at dusk or dawn.

How do I get rid of skunks?

If skunks have found their way onto your Texas property, contact Brinker Animal Removal. Getting rid of skunks is a job best left to a professional as it doesn’t take much to startle these critters and cause them to spray. Our professionals will come to your property to inspect and perform customized services, exclusion work, and wildlife proofing.

If you are in the Dallas area and need help controlling skunks or other wildlife on your property, reach out to Brinker Animal Removal today.

How can I prevent skunks in the future?

While you should always allow a professional to handle issues with skunks, there are things you can do around your property to make it less attractive to these unwanted visitors:

  • Regularly harvest ripe fruits and vegetables from garden areas.
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on trash cans and compost bins.
  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of food debris.
  • Place fences around decks, sheds, and other buildings to stop skunks from gaining access under them.
  • Remove fallen trees, brush piles, and old wood piles from your property that skunks could burrow under.
  • If you own chickens, make sure the coop is secure, and you gather their eggs each day.
  • Pick up pet food every evening.

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