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Nothing frustrates a Dallas County homeowner more than devoting countless hours to creating a beautiful lawn, only to have it destroyed in a matter of a few days by a pack of hungry wild animals. The friendly customer service professionals at Brinker Animal Removal know how to rid your lawn and garden of destructive pests quickly and at a cost that fits within your home improvement budget.

Skunks pose one of the more destructive threats to your finely-manicured lawn and meticulously cared for garden. The foul odor emitting animals love to bore into the ground adjacent to your home and set up shop for winter. We implement humane trapping strategies that return pesky skunks to their natural habitats in the wild. Brinker Animal Removal also ensures hungry rabbits have no chance of entering your vegetable garden.

Why You Should Hire Brinker Animal Removal

Why should Richardson, Texas homeowners hire Brinker Animal Removal to eliminate wild animals from their properties? Let’s start with our nearly 30 years of proven experience using human-animal extraction practices to return wild animals to where they belong. Our team of knowledgeable home services experts stays on top of the latest tools and technologies that improve our performance on the job.

We deliver clear results that you notice immediately. Within a day or two, the annoying scratching heard in the attic and potentially harmful animal droppings disappear from your home. As a highly rated wildlife removal company, Brinker Animal Removal presents achievable animal extraction goals for each project and we ensure we exceed your expectations. By using highly effective products made by reputable companies, we take care of your wildlife problems to transform your home into a safe place to live.

We Get To The Bottom Of Your Wild Animal Problem

We strongly discourage Richardson, TX homeowners from trying to remove wild animals. If you fail to relocate a wild animal, it might reproduce quickly to create a problem that costs you more in the long run than if you had hired an established company like Brinker Animal Removal from the start. You also contend with the potential of suffering from a wild animal attack. When feeling threatened, raccoon and possums rely on razor sharp claws and teeth to cause serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. You cannot afford to place your family at risk for receiving bites from rabid wild animals. Rabies shots are painful the pain can linger for days.

The seasoned team of animal removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal discovers the root cause of your wild animal infestation and then we turn what we find into the implementation of successful animal extraction strategies.

Removing Raccoons From Richardson, TX Homes

Raccoons not only pose physical threats to families because of bites and clawing, but the rabies carrying species also does a number on the lawns and gardens of Richardson, Texas homeowners. The filthy lifestyle of raccoons includes rummaging through garbage cans and leaving large droppings in the heavy traffic areas of your property. We use catchpoles that attach to a noose for removing raccoons. Moreover, we relocate the varmints far away from your neighborhood, as raccoons possess the ability to retrace their steps and return to your home.

If your Richardson, TX home becomes the new home for uninvited furry guests, consult with our team of home services experts to develop a plan of action that ensures only domesticated pets live with you. During one visit, we can set traps for small rodents and use hands-on techniques to remove large animals.

Call our office or leave your contact information online to schedule an initial meeting with the experienced animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

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