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When you experience a wild animal infestation in your Keller, Texas home, you need to work with an animal removal contractor that has a proven record of catching a rat or trapping a mouse. An inexperienced animal removal company might miss the obvious signs of critters in the attic or not know how to remove squirrels from the wall. When you hire Brinker Animal Removal, you benefit from a team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals that eliminate furry nuisances in a timely manner and within the home improvement budget.

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How Animals Get Into The Attic

Like other rodents, rats possess limber joints that allow the pests to squeeze through holes as small as one-quarter of an inch. With razor sharp claws, rats have no problem scaling virtually every type of home exterior to reach the roof. Once at roof level, all a rat has to do is pop through a hole into the attic. If the roof is too much of a barrier, rats and other animals find openings along the home foundation to reach the basement. After entering your home, animals like rats, mice, and squirrels use the cover of night to move upstairs to the attic.

Most wild animals such as rats and raccoons prefer warm temperatures over cold temperatures. Before the brown leaves fall and the wind turns to a more northerly direction, wild animals begin the search for seasonal shelter that in some cases can lead to the establishment of permanent homes. Autumn and winter also offer less food and water for roaming wild animals. Rats especially have a hard time finding food and water in winter. In fact, rats are often the hunted, not the hunters.

Critters Search For Food And Water

After building a spacious nest, a critter begins the search for food and water. The health implications of rodents dining off your kitchen table or from the open bag of dried rice in the basement are considered dangerous. Shortly after consuming a satisfying meal, rats and rodents begin to urinate and defecate all over your Keller, Texas home. The result is the potential for the pests to cause a foodborne illness that includes salmonella and Lassa fever. Symptoms of a foodborne illness caused by wild animals include fever, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

Critters also need water to survive and the basement is where the rodents have the most success quenching their thirsts. One of the first things our team of expert animal removal contractors does is to look for easy to access water sources both inside and outside your home. Leaky water pipes and clogged drains are prime water sources for rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons. Wild animals also will exploit a dog’s water bowl and an open toilet to drink water.

A Free Inspection Of Your Keller, Texas Home

You cannot afford to wait for an animal infestation to simply go away. You need proactive animal removal professionals. Our home services company schedules an initial meeting to determine the extent of the wild animal invasion. The initial meeting involves a free inspection of every square foot of your home. After brainstorming ideas for a couple of days, we return to your house to discuss our plan for eliminating rats and other pesky creatures. We explain how we will trap the animals, as well as how we plan to prevent future invasions.

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