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Keep Your Home Free Of Wild Animals In Irving, Texas

Squirrel, possums, and skunks, oh my! Numerous species of wild animals like to move into Irving, Texas homes. A Brinker Animal Removal, we specialize in removing animals from difficult to access crawl spaces and tight spots located within chimneys. Any furry creature living in the attic will soon find itself back in its normal living environment. We perform a thorough investigation into the backyard to prevent pests from devouring your home garden. As you know, there is not enough mesh wiring to keep rabbits from taking home tomatoes and chewing on lettuce.

Our team of home services professionals also takes care of removing dead animals from your home. The slightly foul odor that has turned into an unbearable stench requires the expertise of a company that has spent nearly 30 years removing wild animals from Dallas County homes.

Benefits Of Hiring Brinker Animal Removal

By hiring Brinker Animal Removal to remove animals from your Irving, TX home, you receive an accurate analysis that determines the cause of the infestation. You might have a small crack in the doggie door that allows rodents to enter or a large hole next to a roof vent that is as good as placing a welcome mat out for a family of possums. When our team of customer first animal removal experts discovers the root cause of your home invasion problem, we take immediate steps to remove the animals from your home. Our experience and knowledge for handling complex animal extractions is second to none in Irving, Texas. You will quickly notice the positive results of our efforts.

Cost-Effective Animal Removal Solutions In Irving, Texas

Does offering cost-effective animal removal services mean we cut corners? Some home services companies take short cuts, but not the highly rated professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. Our cost-effective animal removal services save you money in the long run by repairing any damage caused by wildlife and most important, preventing wild animals from entering your home again.
We know how to perform inspections that lead to the detection of the smallest rodents moving around under the kitchen sink.

The Most Common Animal Invaders

Speaking of rodents, mice and rats represent two of the most common species of wild animals we deal with for wildlife  removal jobs in Irving, TX. Rodent invasions increase during the winter months when food sources dwindle outside and temperatures fall below freezing. Mice and rats are unsanitary wild animals that require instant attention from the seasoned pros at Brinker Animal Removal. Rodents are notorious for chewing through relatively thick metal wires and dense sections of wooden floorboards.

Another problem animal is the skunk. It is not just the foul odor released by the animal. Skunks also cause highly painful bite injuries. Many of the injuries caused by skunks require a tetanus shot and/or surgery. Skunks love to hide in crawl spaces, as well as underneath protected decks and porches. Raccoons deliver vicious attacks on unsuspecting homeowners, especially when a pregnant mother feels threatened. You definitely need to contact Brinker Animal Removal for the extraction of a family of raccoons. The bandit looking animals must be relocated several miles away from your home, as raccoons possess the uncanny ability to return to where they previously lived.

Keep your home free of wild animals in Irving, TX by contacting the home services specialists at Brinker Animal Removal. For nearly 30 years, we have established a reputation for providing affordable and high-quality animal removal services in the Dallas metroplex.

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