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It starts as a light scratching at night, before turning into countless tiny feet scurrying around the attic. Disrupted sleep is the reason you seek out the nighttime invaders, that is until you discover gaping holes in the woodwork that has caused severe damage to your Garland, TX home. If you wait too long to contact a bonded and licensed animal removal professionals, you run the risk of letting your home fall into the tiny paws of rats or the large mitts of a large family of hungry raccoons.
For nearly 30 years, Brinker Animal Removal has helped customers deal with the issues caused by wild animal intrusions inside of Garland, Texas homes.

How to Hire an Animal Removal Company

Many home services companies operating in the Dallas metroplex only deal with insect and small animal homer infestations. When you search for the right animal removal company in Garland, TX, you must decide on a company that handles wild animals of all sizes. From trapping small mice to catching large possums, our team of experienced professionals is your best animal removal option. You can remove a family of rats from the basement and still have to deal with the major problem of raccoons digging into your attic.

Another factor to consider involves price. We do not mean the final tab for the cost of eliminating pesky animals from your home. What you get for the money you plunk down for animal removal services is what matters the most. Brinker Animal Removal has earned rave reviews for providing Garland, Texas homeowners with value. Our team of friendly customer service professionals makes it clear how much your animal removal bill is to avoid sticker shock at the end of a project.

Animal Trapping Tips for Garland, TX Homeowners

One of the services we offer involves consulting with Garland, TX homeowners on the most effective strategies for do it yourself animal removals. First, you should use traps that match the size of the animals you want to be removed from your home, Make sure all the traps you set are placed out of the reach of children and beloved pets. We encourage the humane trapping of animals by placing traps in weather protected areas of your home. In central Texas, this means setting animal traps in cooler spaces that are not vulnerable to the development of moisture. When in doubt, hire an experienced home services company like Brinker Animal Removal to get the job done right.

How to Deal with Skunks

It is more than the awful smell creating the sense of urgency to remove skunks from Garland, Texas homes. Skunks also are notorious for burrowing into costly home materials, such as treated pine and cedarwood. The large home invaders also attack pets and pose a rabies threat for the entire family. Skunks love to call the underside of decks and the numerous crawl spaces inside of your home a temporary place to stay to ride out the winter. When you detect a hint of the foul odor that defines the presence of skunks, the time has come to call a bonded and licensed team of animal removal specialists.

Removing wild animals from your Garland, TX home requires hiring a team of experts that knows how to get the job done right and under budget. Our record of efficiently extracting wild animals from Dallas area homes makes us the go-to company to call for emergency animal removal services. From evicting small rodents to preventing large animals from invading your home, Brinker Animal Removal uses the latest technology to keep your family safe.

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