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Anyone who lives in Frisco, TX knows countless squirrels scamper among us. The question for homeowners is how squirrels cope with the declining weather associated with winter. As residents of the Dallas area found out, central Texas can have its share of cold weather conditions. We see the nest swaying in the wind at the top of trees, but where are the squirrels?

Chances are many squirrels have found refuge inside of Frisco, Texas homes.

The licensed and bonded Frisco animal removal professionals at Brinker specialize in removing squirrels from Dallas area homes. We treat squirrel infestations with the utmost sense of urgency by implementing efficient removal strategies that ensure the fuzzy tail rodents never return to your home. Unlike many of our home services competitors, our sense of urgency includes emergency animal removal services 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

What Squirrels Do Inside Your Home

Unlike rats and mice, squirrels like to retrieve materials collected outdoors to build nests inside Frisco, TX homes. However, several factors converge at times to produce a limited supply of twigs, leaves, and bird feathers. Out of resources, squirrels turn to items inside of your home, such as magazines, newspapers, and clothing. After building home sweet home, a family of squirrels returns outdoors to search for food. Food sources might not be readily available, which means squirrels turn their attention on easy to access bags and boxes of dried food stored in the kitchen and basement.

Outdoor water becomes a limited source for nourishment during winter, as ponds occasionally freeze and precipitation declines. Squirrels search for water in the damp locations of your home, such as the basement and garage. You also have to be concerned about leaky pipes and clogged drains. Squirrels even turn to dripping sink and bathtub faucets for liquid replenishment. Imagine your surprise when you come home to find a family of squirrels taking turns to drink out of the dripping kitchen sink faucet. Raised toilet lids welcome squirrels to abundant sources of water as well.

Raising a Squirrel Family in Frisco, TX

Although not as prolific breeders as fellow rodents, pregnant squirrels can produce up to seven babies per litter. Why is this important? The reason is the same for any wild animal seeking a secure place to deliver and raise their offspring. A Frisco, Texas home protects squirrels from predatory animals like as owls. The attic is likely where a mother squirrel will hang out until delivery day. Attics offer plenty of space and a warm location to raise the kids.

Blind at birth through the first few weeks of life, baby squirrels nurse about every two hours. This means momma squirrels needs to remain nourished throughout each day. After about eight weeks, the kids begin following their mother around the attic or basement. Around six weeks later, the family of squirrels starts to make the transition back to outdoor living. Although their stays are not as long as the amount of time raccoons live in homes, squirrels have plenty of time to cause massive destruction.

Proven to Work Squirrel Prevention Measures

The team of squirrel removal experts at Brinker helps our clients implement measures to prevent rodent infestations. We start by recommending Frisco, TX homeowners check around the outside of the house for holes and cracks. Because of limber joints, squirrels do not need much of an opening to enter your home. Make sure to seal every hole and crack long before autumn turns into winter. Store dry food in thick plastic containers and place each container in tightly shut cabinets and pantries.

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