Squirrel Removal In Coppell, TX

Removing Squirrels From Coppell, Texas Attics

When leaves begin to fall in autumn, the time has come to focus on wild animal infestations in Coppell, TX homes. The invasions begin shortly after the last of the leaves hit the ground. You can spot the reason why squirrels vacate their nests located high up in trees.

The rodents with the bushy tails have lost all the cover that concealed where they lived.

With squirrel nests out in the open for every predator to see, the rodents must find a more secure location to ride out winter. Where do squirrels like to relocate? Their favorite hiding spots are attics and sometimes basements. Attics offer the most protection, as squirrels can squeeze into holes and cracks much smaller than the size of their bodies.

If you notice a family of squirrels hiding in your attic, turn to the Coppell, Texas critter control services company that has provided animal removal services since 1981. 

Turn to Brinker Animal Removal.

Critter Control Starts With Prevention

Our accomplished team of licensed and bonded professionals does much more than provide animal removal services. We also spend time with our clients devising strategies to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your attic. The first priority is to seal every hole and crack, no matter how small the holes and cracks appear. Then, we ensure all your dry food is stored properly in sealed plastic containers.

Our team of critter control experts searches for water sources, such as the water that pools under leaky pipes and on and around clogged drains. Did you know that stacks of firewood are where squirrels first hide after their nests become exposed? We recommend our clients stack firewood at least 20 feet from the nearest side of their Coppell, TX homes. You should also repair damaged door and window screens to prevent easy access to your house.

Humane Squirrel Trapping For Coppell, TX Homeowners

When you need to get rid of squirrels from the attic, hire the best animal removal contractor in the Dallas metroplex. Our primary goal involves efficiently removing rodents in the most humane manner possible. By using spacious cages, we ensure squirrels remain comfortable during the long trips we take to reacquaint the rodents with their natural habitats. Our company does not use poisons because caustic chemicals have harmful effects on you and your family. Pets are especially vulnerable to the dangers of rodent poisons. By removing squirrels from your attic and relocating the rodents miles from your home, we deliver on our promise to keep your Coppell, Texas home animal-free.

Two Meetings With Our Rodent Removal Company

Our thorough planning process starts by scheduling an initial meeting with you at your Coppell, TX home. We sit down with you to learn the extent of your critter control problem. After the discussion, our team of squirrel removal specialists tours the perimeter of your home to detect possible entry points. We use a ladder to examine the entire roof and we perform a detailed inspection of the basement. You can expect us to enter the attic to determine where squirrels have created their second home.

After a day or two of brainstorming, the experienced team at Brinker Animal Removal returns to your home for discussing our solutions to your rodent infestation problem. We present a step-by-step plan that includes the timeline for completing the project. Our transparent business practices have allowed us to achieve the highest level of professional certification. This means you never see any hidden fees in a contract we create for trapping and removing squirrels.

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