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Raccoon Proofing Your Coppell, Texas Home

You waterproofed your roof and weatherproofed the basement. Did you know you have one more major home improvement project to perform? Yes, it is called raccoon proofing, and the licensed and bonded team of animal removal professionals at Brinker knows how to get the job done right and under budget. We not only remove raccoon, but we will also proof your Coppell, TX home from raccoons. 

For more than 35 years, Brinker Animal Removal has served Dallas metroplex communities such as Coppell by raccoon proofing homes. Our dedicated team of round the clock animal removal experts stays on top of the latest trapping technologies to ensure the efficient removal of raccoons from your home. At the first sign of a raccoon living in your home, you must act with a sense of urgency and call Brinker Animal Removal. For every pregnant raccoon shacking up for the winter in the attic, there are several raccoon babies waiting to join momma raccoon.

How We Perform Critter Control For Coppell, TX Homeowners

What does it mean when we talk about critter control? It means being proactive by preventing raccoons from entering your attic or basement. How to get rid of raccoons starts by making sure the pests never gain access to your home. We encourage our clients to store garbage receptacles inside the garage or basement to prevent raccoons from making meals out of your dinner leftovers. The night before the city picks up the trash, place a heavy object on each lid to deter hungry raccoons. This simple animal removal tip forces raccoons to search elsewhere for a midnight snack. After a family of raccoons makes quick work out of the garbage, it is only a matter of a short time before the wild animals try to enter your home.

How To Remove Raccoons From The Attic

The attic is a tricky place to implement raccoon removal procedures. First, the tight space makes it hard to harness and pull raccoons into larges cages. Second, threatened adult raccoons pose a significant problem because of the viciousness in the way wild animals attack. Razor-sharp claws and teeth can send you to the emergency room to receive dozens of stitches.  You avoid a serious injury by contacting an animal removal company in Coppell, Texas that has acquired years of experience dealing with aggressive raccoons.

Our humane raccoon removal strategy involves luring raccoons into large cages. We then transport the captured wild animals to a wooded area far from your home. If the family of raccoons includes babies, we attempt to locate a wildlife preserve where the babies can safely grow into healthy adults. Raccoons possess the incredible ability to return to the same home where they lived. We operate on the principle of the farther away, the better for you, your family, and the raccoons.

Certified Raccoon Removal Contractor

Raccoon trapping requires you to work with a certified home services company. Our team of Coppell, TX raccoon removal specialists has received certification from the GAF as Master Elite Contractors. Some of the criteria used to earn the coveted certification include accumulating years of high praise from customers. GAF also rewards animal removal contractors that implement transparent business practices. Our critter control company keeps you informed every step of the way, as well as never adds hidden fees to home services contracts. If we say we will be at your house at nine in the morning to trap raccoons, you can expect us to show up 15 minutes early to start the workday.

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