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Wild animals can take shelter in your home or establishment because of the weather condition or when they are giving birth to their offspring. Some of them would leave trails of their dirt, carry diseases, and cause extensive damage. If you notice animals or wildlife lurking around your property, do not panic. Brinker Animal Removal is a specialist in animal removal services in Austin. When you encounter any animal in your home or establishment, do not get rid of it yourself as you may cause more harm and put yourself or others in danger. Our specialists are just a call away when you are having any problems with animals or wildlife. We assure you that we can do it safely and efficiently.

The 3-Step Animal Removal Process

Do not wait for things to get worse especially when you notice weird noises in your attic or the smell of a dead animal. Call us so we can visit your property to check and determine what needs to be done with the issue. For our Austin animal removal services, we follow a thorough 3-step process on how to get rid of and keep animals away without causing further harm or damage.

  • Trapping – The animal will be trapped using a cage or other necessary materials. Once trapped and captured, it will be returned to its natural habitat.
  •  Exclusion – The entry points that may be used by animals to take shelter in your property will all be sealed. This helps prevent new animals from entering your home or establishment in the future.
  • Treatment and Restoration – We will treat and restore the area where the animal has stayed. As some animals carry diseases and are naturally dirty, we will sanitize the area to decontaminate it. The condition of the area will be inspected and restored as well.

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