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Animal Removal Services For Arlington, TX Homeowners

What started as a noise nuisance has turned into a costly nightmare. One of the species of wild animals that live in Tarrant county has moved into your home not just for winter, but for year-round comfort.

The time has come to call Brinker Animal Removal.

For nearly 30 years, our highly rated home services company has specialized in locating and removing wild animals from Dallas area homes. Our team of home improvement professionals explains the benefits of using our animal removal service, as well as helping you identify the noises that eventually morph into bite and claw damage.

The Benefits Of Removing Wild Animals

Removing wild animals from your home might appear to be a simple task, but appearances are deceiving. By hiring Brinker Animal Removal, you find the cause of the nighttime noises and inexplicable holes bored into drywall and ceiling beams. Our team of seasoned animal removal specialists plays the ultimate detective in determining why and how animals have taken up residence in your home.

We have the expertise and knowledge for quickly identifying the type of animal wreaking havoc inside of your humble abode. After locating the intruders, our team of animal removal pros implements a strategy that not only eliminates your animal problem, but also makes sure you never have to worry about the return of mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons. The proven results we deliver ensure your home retains its pristine condition while preventing future intrusions from disrupting your family.

Cost-Effective Animal Removal Services In Arlington, TX

Many of the Arlington, Texas homeowners we work with to remove pesky animals from their homes initially try to solve the infestations themselves. This typically leads to more problems and ends up costing homeowners more money. The first point we make with our customers is demonstrating that do it yourself solutions to animal removal is not the way to go. Brinker Animal Removal offers resourceful solutions that match the removal strategy with the type of animals we need to remove. Taking care of a rat invasion requires a different approach than the approach used to eliminate bats and birds. Our team of dedicated home improvement specialists attacks animal intrusions into your home with a sense of urgency.


Taking Care Of Noises From Above

It starts with light scratching that you barely notice. A few nights later, the scratching grows into loud gnawing on the wood and metal located in the attic. Recognizing the noises that reveal the presence of animals inside of your home is one thing. Being able to identify the type of animal making the ruckus is one of the professional skills offered by the team of animal removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal.

From the scampering footsteps caused by a family of squirrels to the high-pitched squeals of newborn raccoons, you can count on us to identify immediately the type of animal that has settled in the attic or along the baseboards of the living room. Remember that a quiet attic or upstairs bedroom does not mean your home is animal-free. You also need a home services company to recognize other signs of infestation.

The presence of wild animals in your home requires a quick solution to prevent structural damage and worse, bodily harm. Brinker Animal Removal has earned the reputation for implementing successful solutions that remove wild animals and prevent the animals from making encore appearances in the attic, basement, and bedrooms.

Contact our Arlington, TX home services company today to schedule a consultation that determines the severity of your wild animal problem and the options we can take to eliminate the costly infestation.

Damage Squirrels Cause In Arlington, TX

Many people don’t think squirrels are a problematic pest. After all, how much damage can a playful family of squirrels really do to an attic or basement? The answer is a ton. Squirrels possess limber joints, which allow the rodents to squeeze through openings that are smaller than their body frames, allowing them to easily enter most homes through the attic.

While their cute appearance may be deceiving, like other rodents, squirrels are capable of shredding clothing, newspapers, and magazines to build large nests anytime they infest - usually in the attic. Then after the soft materials vanish, squirrels turn their attention to hard objects like wooden support beams and thick wall insulation. This is part of the reason squirrels can be so destructive to the home itself, not just what’s inside it.

Squirrels will also search for food, which can bring them to the kitchen or basement. Inevitably, this leads to squirrels leaving the remnants of their meals in the form of fecal matter all over the kitchen floor, kitchen counters, and pantry closets. 

Their activity can lead to health hazards: coming in contact with rodent fecal matter can cause serious health consequences that include Salmonella and Lassa fever. Foodborne illness symptoms range from acute diarrhea to severe abdominal cramps.

Due to these factors, you should never let excessive squirrels around your home become a problem. Don’t wait: if squirrels have invaded, call the squirrel removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal for help immediately. Brinker Animal Removal uses humane trapping practices to ensure a family of squirrels returns to the wild with full health intact. We typically place food bait at the entrance of large cages to lure squirrels inside. Our policy not to use poisoned bait makes us a popular choice for Arlington, Texas homeowners that place an emphasis on following humane trapping methods. After catching squirrels, we transport the rodents far away to a wooded area that offer the perfect home for finding both food and water. By working with Brinker Animal Removal, you ensure every hole and crack is sealed for winter. 

Why Trust Brinker Animal Removal For Arlington Animal Problems

Brinker Animal Removal is a highly-rated company that offers the best animal protection Arlington home and business owners can hope to find. We send only the best licensed and certified professionals to handle wildlife problems, credentialed professionals who understand how to deal with a wide variety of wild animal species. The measures taken to extract a family of rats from your home differ from the maneuvers used to transport an eight-point buck back to its natural habitat - but we know exactly what to do. 

Brinker Animal Removal offers a comprehensive list of services for Arlington properties. Many of the home services companies in the area provide what we call basic animal removal services, which do not include home repair and wild animal removal packages. Brinker Animal Removal not only eliminates your furry pest problem, we also make sure the animals never enter your home again. From blocking open spaces near the roof to plugging small gaps in pet doors, we do whatever it takes to stop wildlife in its tracks. 

We Are Dead Animal Removal Experts

Wild animals pose numerous safety threats to homeowners in Arlington. For example, raccoons possess razor-sharp claws that cause serious injuries, possums leave deep bite marks, vermin can spread rabies - the list goes on. Worse, once a wild animal dies, the health risks do not just go away. Decaying animal carcasses are fertile areas for harmful bacteria to grow. Even if a rodent in your home is dead, if it’s there, it could still be spreading bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Brinker Animal Removal deploys a team of home services experts to remove dead wild animals from the homes in Arlington and the surrounding areas. We safely store dead animals in impervious containers that prevent the release of disease-causing microorganisms. Moreover, Brinker Animal Removal cleans and sanitizes the areas where we find dead wild animals to prevent the spread of infectious germs. Contact us today and remove pests from your home - completely!

Are The Opossums On My Property In Arlington Dangerous?

Opossums may be the only known marsupial in the United States, but they’re a very common occurrence in the Arlington area. The first issue that makes them a very dangerous pest is the illnesses they’re capable of spreading. Opossums are responsible for causing salmonellosis, tularemia, and leptospirosis, which can be very harmful to any pets you may have. If opossums assess you as a threat, they may scratch or bite you. They are also common carriers of parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites. Then there’s the matter of property damage. Opossums eat grubs that are usually located well beneath the dirt, which means that they’ll tear apart your garden looking for a meal. Additionally, they’re known to take to wires, cables, and even ductwork. 

To protect your property from opossums and the dangers they cause, contact Brinker Animal Removal for opossum control that you can trust. Our three-step removal and protection program not only looks to eradicate these pests from your property, but also at preventing them from returning and repairing your property in the process. For more information on professional opossum control, contact us today. 

How To Handle Bats Around Your Arlington Property

Bats tend to find their way inside Arlington properties usually as an accident or simply by taking advantage of a crack or hole in your attic. And while these pests usually keep to themselves, they are capable of spreading rabies and histoplasmosis. But that’s not where the issues with bats stop. Over time, the corrosive nature of their fecal matter is enough to make your ceilings collapse. Their droppings are also said to cause wood decay, a bad odor, and staining to your property. That’s why if you suspect that your property has a bat problem, the best thing you can do is contact Brinker Animal Removal for bat control that works. Our team not only provides a three-step process to remove and prevent bat problems, but we also work to sanitize and restore attics that have been damaged due to bats. Some of the reparative services that we provide are roofing material repair, new wall insulation installation, deconstruction, and air duct replacement. If your property could benefit from professional bat control, contact us today.

Are Raccoons Really A Problem For Arlington Homeowners?   

Though raccoons may seem fuzzy and cute, they are a significant issue for Arlington homeowners, leading to a host of health and property damage issues. Given their ability to manipulate objects with their hands, raccoons can seemingly do anything. Some of the issues that raccoons bring to homes are:

  • The spread of parasitic pests like fleas, ticks, and mites

  • Intestinal parasites like roundworm and other illnesses like rabies

  • Creating a mess of your garbage

  • Damage to housing insulation and ventilation and electrical systems

At Brinker Animal Removal, we specialize in the safe and sanitary removal of any wildlife that you may be facing. We provide raccoon control that not only gets rid of current problems but looks at the environmental, structural, and other factors around your property to prevent future issues. For more information on both preventive and corrective raccoon control, contact us today.

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Arlington Home

Rodents can be your worst nightmare if they’ve gained access to your Arlington home. Rats and mice start by usually causing some form of damage to enter your home, as they can chew at any crack in your foundation to do so. From there, they are very likely to bring with them other pests like fleas, ticks, and mites. Not only will you be left with the health risks that these pests cause, but you may also find yourself with an infestation of pests that eat them, such as spiders. Rodents are also responsible for the spread of illnesses like salmonellosis, hantavirus, and tularemia, as well as allergies and asthma attacks, all of which they do through their droppings, urine, and saliva. But the trouble continues. Rodents are also very commonly the cause of significant property damage, as they chew on everything from your walls to your electrical wires. Then there’s also the quick and high rate at which they reproduce, and the fact that they’re nocturnal, which makes them hard to spot.

At Brinker Animal Removal, we follow a safe and practical three-step approach to rodent control. After your initial inspection, we start by trapping any rodents that may be lurking in your crawl spaces, walls, or even baseboards. From there, we work on exclusion. This process entails sealing up entry points in a way that maintains the aesthetics of the home. It’s done by one of our on-staff technicians and not a subcontractor. And lastly, we treat and restore your attic to do everything from repairing insulation to removing pheromones. This is a form of rodent control that you simply won’t get with DIY techniques. For more information on keeping your home rodent-free, contact us today.


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